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Here are a few steps to consider before uploading your work. Submit by Oct. 15, 2016

  1. Are you eligible? You must be a current grantee in good standing with the Foundation to participate in the Colorado Kaleidoscope project.
  2. Have you reviewed the PDFicon FAQs, "Storytelling 101" training and
    PDFicon toolkit?
  3. Download and complete the PDFicon submission entry checklist to make sure you have all the items ready for the upload.
  4. For each person featured in your video or narrative work (including photography), you must have a signed Colorado Health Foundation Authorization and Release form PDFicon [English VersionPDFicon [Spanish Version]. You will upload an electronic version of each signed release during the submission process, so have those files ready. No exceptions!
  1. For video submissions, you are limited to uploading one video file up to 10 minutes in length. Please keep in mind that video files are very large and can take some time to upload, so please be patient. You may want to start your video upload at the end of the day. When the upload process completes, you will see a confirmation screen.
  2. To start your submission, please choose the video or narrative selection below to upload your work.
  3. Have additional questions? Please contact Carrie Mahan Groce, digital communications manager, by email for assistance.

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